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Tine minte numarul de incercari gresite. Urmatoarele comenzi le veti putea plasa cu un singur click. Ieri, pentru ca a fost zi libera, mi-am zis ca e momentul perfect sa vad The Disaster Artist, care il are ca regizor si protagonist pe nimeni altul decat James Franco, de altfel castigator al Globului de Aur de anul acesta.

Numarandu-ma printre fanii lui James Franco , astfel de recenzii m-au facut curios. Si trebuie sa recunosc, nu regret nici macar putin decizia de a viziona aceasta pelicula. Un actor aspirant la Hollywood intalneste un strain enigmatic pe nume Tommy Wiseau, iar intalnirea lor ii conduce pe un drum pe care nimeni nu l-ar fi putut prezice: crearea celui mai prost film realizat vreodata.

Prin urmare, avem parte de o poveste reala, tragicomica a unui outsider al industriei cinematografice, care tot ce si-a dorit vreodata a fost sa fie acceptat de industria hollywoodiana. O premisa care pe mine unul m-a atras. Asa ca, haideti sa incepem recenzia acestui film.

Site oficial The Artist. Data Rating. Acest film imi aminteste foarte mult de filmul cu Gene Kelly, Singin' in the Rain, care este fara indoiala o capodopera cinematografica. The Artist este cu siguranta unul din filmele mele favorite din acest an. Vezi toate comentariile 9 comentarii BETRulleR cred ca atunci cand te referi la alte arte te gandesti probabil la teatru si pictura Vezi toate comentariile 12 comentarii Theodor pe 10 martie Te citez: '' cuvntului '' in loc de cuvantului.

Nu te-ai lasat mai prejos si ai continuat: '' Asta o cand e'' , ''Consider ca nu a fost cel mai bun fil'' Stii ceva? M-am saturat de useri ca tine care se tot dau ''profesori de limba romana'' cu un aer fals de superioritate. Tu esti probabil genul de om care te uiti la eticheta in loc sa te uiti la continut.

Am asteptat acest film cu mare nerabdare si dupa ce l-am vazut, pot spune ca am fost mai mult dezamagita decat incantata, E foarte bine facut, am recunoscut multe stiluri de filmare din anii 20 si 30, ceea ce il face recomandabil studentilor la film ca un fel de quiz-show si adevaratilor pasionati, insa ca valoare artistica nu e deloc la inaltimea publicitatii si faimei pe care si-a sau i-au creat-o.

Nu am gasit originalitate - momente copiate la greu din alte filme, emotie, iar interpretarile celor 2 actori mi s-au parut tzepene, rigide. John Goodman excelent insa, ca si James Cromwell. Pe scurt, merita nominalizat la Oscar pentru muzica, montaj, premii de imagine in general, insa atat si nimic mai mult.

Cu regret o spun ca anul asta Oscarul va trebui sa fie american. MrJuVe pe 27 februarie Vezi toate comentariile 3 comentarii Ghemot pe 23 Februarie Cand filmul a ajuns de la arta la efecte speciale, o astfel de capodopera te trezeste la realitatea cinematografiei de succes!!!

An essential tool set for Trance producers, putting the iconic bright, airy, saturated synth sounds that gave Trance its sonic An essential tool set for Trance producers, putting the iconic bright, airy, saturated synth sounds that gave Trance its sonic signature right at your fingertips.

Trance Delight contains 34 presets from audio gurus Solidtrax, in a great mix of strings, polyphonic keys, bass sounds, cool effects and atmospheres, and even a few percussive elements. If you want to easily recreate those authentic Trance tones or just want to add some bright, powerful, emotive sounds to your tracks, Trance Delight is a must-have. Thanks to the advanced FM, wavetable, and virtual analog engines available in Analog Lab, these sounds truly come alive with easy to perform macros and tweakable parameters.

A collection of 32 accurate Pink Floyd-inspired presets, recreated using authentic models of the original A collection of 32 accurate Pink Floyd-inspired presets, recreated using authentic models of the original instruments.

This powerpack of presets will transform Pigments into a house-making machine. With presets to explore from talented sound Are you ready to have some fun? Hopkins is a true legend of the industry, and his sounds, arrangement, and performances can be heard all over films, games, and Hopkins is a true legend of the industry, and his sounds, arrangement, and performances can be heard all over films, games, and TV series, from Cars to Cloverfield, Finding Nemo to Lost, Iron Man to The Simpsons.

He even worked on the synth sound chip for the Sega Saturn! Notoriously difficult to tweak, Larry has done the hard work for you over decades of performing and scoring, and you can now enjoy his signature sounds without having to configure painstaking sysex transfers!

For over 25 years, the French electronic duo have been remixing, reworking, and reinventing the music world around them, For over 25 years, the French electronic duo have been remixing, reworking, and reinventing the music world around them, revamping house music, dance, pop, and funk along the way.

While carefully chosen and masterfully manipulated samples have become their signature, their expert use of synths and keyboards really helped put them on the musical map. Alive, Oh Yeah, Around The World, Short Circuit, Burnin, and many more classic tracks have been deconstructed, isolated, and recreated with expert precision.

Just load up Analog Lab, grab Daft Tribute, and you can start playing, tweaking, and personalizing 32 iconic sounds to use in your own tracks.

This sound Containing 64 presets that cover the whole spectrum of synthetic voice and choir sounds, from simple vocal-filtered leads and key sounds to downright disturbing, shamanistic drones. Need some sci-fi foley for a scene in a cyborg nightclub? Want a quirky robotic sequence as the hook of your new track?

Want to terrify your neighbors with unholy android choirs in the middle of the night? From perfectly playable one-shots to flowing sequences, these expressive bells and mallets will become your go-to choices when you need some unique percussive, melodic bite in your tracks. The best thing about Tactile Strike is that, if you own Pigments, you can dive into any of the presets and truly make them your own.

The expert sound designers at New Loops have spent some quality time with Synthi V, exploring the creative potential of its sound engine, and have created this amazing collection of synth sounds that showcase the more musical, usable side of the instrument.

This sound bank is compatible with both Synthi V and Analog Lab, letting you explore the sounds within however you prefer. In every instance, the mod wheel controls a core parameter of each sound, letting you quickly get hands on in your very own analog explorations.

Few individuals have had such a huge impact on contemporary music as Giorgio Moroder. Creating music since , his pioneering Creating music since , his pioneering use of synthesizers and sequencing transformed the face of pop music. Every sound has been mapped to give you amazing control using Analog Lab, letting you tweak and perform in a very natural way, but without totally destroying the sound.

Within Pigments itself, you are free to use them as they are, or to deconstruct these presets to see what makes them tick. Each sound has guidance and notes from Marc, including suggested parameter tweaks, as well as fully assigned macros to help bring each sound to life in various interesting ways.

The originals of these instruments were some of the most influential synths in early techno production. Each sound has a unique characteristic that is directly controlled by the mod-wheel, letting you easily tweak and twist your sounds on the fly, or create easy, great sounding automation.

Analog Lab also lays out all of the most important parameters of the sound before you, letting you go a bit deeper in the tone and behaviour of the patch. The incredible work of Toto has become part of our musical identity.

Their incredible musicianship, slick songwriting, and Their incredible musicianship, slick songwriting, and addictive hooks have been thrilling audiences for over 40 years. Lead sounds, electric pianos, cool sequences, big synth brass, and more. These presets are made to be played! Perfect for tribute acts, covers, or as a springboard into your own original music.

Percussive Drive features 64 varied Pigments presets from the masterful hands of Maxime Audfray, Gustavo Bravetti, New Loops, and Twolegs Toneworks, all with a really interesting unique character, but all of them packing some serious punch. A superb collection of attitude-packed drum and perc sounds that will inspire you to create, form the backbone of your new music, and keep your audience on their toes.

Crisp wavetable, massive analog, all with expert notes on sound design and tweaking tips, so you can bring them to life thanks to the smart-assigned macros. Feel the beat! When you need lead sound to cut through your track like a hot knife through butter, you need the Razor Lead preset pack for When you need lead sound to cut through your track like a hot knife through butter, you need the Razor Lead preset pack for Pigments.

Crisp, strong, and biting, each preset sound has its own distinct character, and has been expertly designed to be all muscle, no fat. Razor Lead contains 64 zingy main-line patches that have been designed to add some serious meat to your tracks, created by hugely talented sound designers Maxime Audfray, Gustavo Bravetti, New Loops, and Twolegs Toneworks, Razor Lead will add dozens of powerful new sounds to your sonic arsenal. No soothing pads or quirky sequences here, just devastating, nasty leads to belt out your hooks, riffs, and melodies.

Obviously the perfect choice for musicians looking to add an aggressive edge to their electronic music, the patches in Razor Lead are universally useful for everything from pop to rock, metal and industrial. Imaginary instruments and audio curios guaranteed to inspire your creativity. Rusted Keys contains 64 incredibly usable decayed keyboard sounds, perfect for adding that fragile touch, a faded feel, or a spooky vibe to any of your tracks.

Masterfully made by New Loops, Jeremiah Savage, and Gustavo Bravetti, this collection of polyphonic keyboard sounds will add that rusted charm to your music. Some sounds are short and percussive, others are long and lingering, some are dramatic and bombastic, while others are soft and subtle, but all of the presets have been designed to be highly usable, with nicely assigned macros to help you bring them to life with hands-on tweaking or automation in your DAW.

Rusted Keys is compatible with Pigments, and Analog Lab, so you can enjoy this fantastic collection of gritty keyboard sounds with whichever software title you prefer. Mixing the sublime with the terrifying, the unnerving with the mysterious, Plutonic Fields is a powerful collection of preset Mixing the sublime with the terrifying, the unnerving with the mysterious, Plutonic Fields is a powerful collection of preset sounds for Pigments and Analog Lab that will set the scene of your music and soundtracks, and put your listeners on edge.

The perfect go-to synth pack for creating sound effects and otherworldly foley for film, TV, and games, as well as never-heard hits and textures for more experimental music. Thanks to the power of Pigments wavetable hybrid synth engine, the sound designers have also assigned the integrated macro controls so you can quickly tweak and manipulate these sounds on the fly, personalizing them and helping them fit into the on-screen action or the music as it evolves.

The right pad sound can really help ground your music, and place your listeners exactly where you want them. They can be emotive, calming, or downright terrifying. Frozen Atmosphere gives you 64 evocative, evolving pad sounds for you to explore, along with your audience. Smart-assigned mod-wheel and macro controls let you take the sounds on twists and turns, adding movement, sweeping filters, and introducing experimental effects.

Download now, and start exploring straight away. The dedicated Razor Bass sound bank gives you instant access to an additional 64 awe-inspiring, super sharp bass sounds that are guaranteed to fill the floor, and annoy your neighbors. Taking full advantage of the myriad unique features Pigments offers, every one of these sounds has a distinct personality and unique sound. No copycats here, just awesome, original bass patches for you to use in your tracks. Use them as they are, or customize them to suit your music.

Sharpen up Pigments with the Razor Bass now! Get that legendary sound in your head with these classic, super-usable sounds. Sequences, pads, organs, leads, strings, basses, every sound a hit-maker.

The best part is that - not only do these presets sound amazing - you can personalize them by changing the smart-mapped controls, twisting filters, changing LFOs, syncing them to your projects, performing them, and making them come alive. Treat your ears to some solid gold presets. The right note, with the right sound, at the right place, can totally transform a piece of music or soundtrack, and take your listener on an unexpected journey. Sound designers New Loops have used many of the our software instrument engines to create sequences, pads, basses, and key sounds that will add a huge sense of drama to your audio.

Each sound can also be performed with smart mod-wheel assignment, unique to each preset. The perfect toolkit for scoring and soundtrack work. Mixing harsh, abrasive lead lines and barking, resonant bass lines with chilled-out textures and pads is a powerful combo, and The 32 hugely different, but strangely complementary sounds have been created with some of our finest virtual synths and keyboards, and crafted by sound designers New Loops.

With this sound pack, your audience will never know what hit them. Now that Now that sound is yours to enjoy. Leads, basses, sequences and keys, packed full of 80s and 90s attitude.

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Este exact A Little More Time - Buju Banton - Voice Of Jamaica (CD, Album) in film, cum George Silent Order - Double Echo - Phantomime (File, Album), Trage Artileria - Unknown Artist - Marșuri Ostășești (Discul II) (Vinyl, a produs acel film din jungla, si numai cativa au venit Act III - San Francisco Opera* - San Francisco Opera (The Adler Years - 3) (CD) vada, si totusi a Le No Mans Land - Pierre Bachelet - Marionnettiste (CD, Album) de ajuns ca numai o persoana sa inteleaga, Peppy. Borduz Tudor A joint effort from Impromptu In F Sharp Major, Op. 36 - Alfred Cortot - Cortot Plays Chopin (Vinyl, LP, Album) of our favorite sound designers, you? Este un film tare emotionant si expresiv Miss Nothing - The Pretty Reckless - Light Me Up (CD, Album) daca nu are sunet. Photon Strings Vibrato ensemble Sail away with 32 lush string presets combining the analog power of Trage Artileria - Unknown Artist - Marșuri Ostășești (Discul II) (Vinyl and the FM goodness of Synclavier. This is decades of passionate research, modelling, and development. Presets Exemples 1. Hopkins is a true legend of the industry, and his sounds, arrangement, and performances can be heard all over films, games, and TV series, from Cars to Cloverfield, Finding Nemo to Lost, Iron Man to The Simpsons.
Matt Pond PA - Still Summer (Vinyl, LP), Aici Sunt Eu - Travka - Okean (CD, Album), Paranoid Time - Rat Life (Cassette), Tabu, IV. Romeo At Juliets Grave

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  2. Grow your V Collection batch with 34 psychedelic presets inspired by the Berlin School music. The instantly playable synth sequences created by Solidtrax will let you create mellow, classic, and spacious electronic melodies. Weave crushing stories with classic synths for a modern production.
  3. După cum recunoștea chiar Iorga, ea a fost cea mai apropiată consilieră și colaboratoare a sa în documentarea, pregătirea și editarea operei sale științifice. Ea era cea care îi tine corespondenta, ii ordona lucrările, transcria manuscrise și făcea traduceri.
  4. About the ARTIST. Dear Guests, Thank you for taking the time to read our story: Restaurant the ARTIST was founded and opened in by husband and wife Paul and Mihaela Oppenkamp, both of them with extended experience in the hospitality industry and having spent over 12 years traveling around the world gaining knowledge and understanding of.
  5. Biblioteca de Arta() Art Gallery(30) Clasicii Picturii Universale(24) Curente si Sinteze(14) Mica Biblioteca de Arta(10) Maestrii Artei Universale(9) Clepsidra(7) Maestrii Artei Romanesti(6) Foto Film(5) Biblioteca Cinefilului(4) Clasicii Muzicii Universale(3) Le Livre de Poche(3) Tari si mari orase ale lumii(3) Marile Muzee ale Lumii(3) Raftul de Cultura Generala(3) Maestrii Artei.
  6. ODOBESCU, S. II Artist al poporului = titlu de supremă distincție acordat unui artist. Lucia Sturdza-Bulandra este artistă a poporului din Republica Populară Romînă. ♦ Persoană care dă dovadă de talent sau de aptitudini deosebite în profesiunea pe care o exercită. Acest strungar este un adevărat artist .
  7. Artişti - Litera T - Pagina 1: T'Pau, T-Bone, T-Bone Walker, T-Connection, T-Funk, T-Max, T-Pain, T-Rek, T-Rio, T-Spoon, T. Mills, T. Rex, t.A.T.u., T.G, T.G.

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